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Murphy's Mellows

Build Your Own S'mores Kit

Build Your Own S'mores Kit

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Are you looking for a fun family activity? Social distancing and don't want to go to the store for graham crackers and *ahem* those marshmallows you get at the store (no judgement, we've all done it at least once)? We have the answer for you! Our Family Size S'more Kit comes with our soft, fresh, fluffy mellows and everything else you need to make s'mores. You can customize the mellow flavors (assortment of vanilla, chocolate or raspberry, or a single flavor in one of those three flavors) and kit size (18 or 24 mellows = 18 or 24 s'mores) and add sticks (skewers) and/or fire (sterno), add caramel or fudge sauce and/or sprinkles or upgrade your chocolate. We will even toss in the matches so nothing will spoil your s'more fun experience.

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